Rock Band

The Music Bus 'Bus Rock' program is the only nationwide Rock Band program of it's kind in Australia!

Bus Rock gives children across country the opportunity to join a Band of specially-chosen, talented young musicians. We have all sorts of bands for all sorts of kids at different levels of their musical journey.

Each week, over 100 Junior Bands across Australia take part in 30 minute rehearsals and coaching sessions in our high-tech mobile practice studio.


Rock Band

Rock Band

Rock Band
Rock Band

How do I Join?




Simply record a video of your child performing (30 seconds max) on their instrument or singing. Then upload the video along with your details. Your child doesn't have to be brilliant to be considered for a Rock Band. We encourage them to just have a go!


Ready to Audition?



Each year, our rock bands are given the performance and team work opportunity of a lifetime. They will compete in our National Band Slam series and if they progress to the national finals will take part in a rock band camp! With major recording prizes up for grabs and loads of activities and excitement, your child will be given the best of memories and experiences to last a lifetime.

There’s no other opportunity like this in Australia for young budding musicians and singers. And for only $14 per lesson, we think there’s no better value either.




  1. A mini-lesson on band and performance concepts
  2. Rehearse, create and perfect latest songs
  3. Jam together!
  4. Learn performance skills and teamwork
  5. Write original material
  6. Build confidence and get ready for their next big performance as a band





  • Weekly jam sessions 
  • Group song sheets
  • Compete in local band competitions
  • Continually preparing for real life performances

Purchasing an Instrument

While instruments are included on the bus, we recommend purchasing your own instrument for home practice. Find out more.