Guitar Lessons

The guitar is a fun instrument to learn. Portable and easy to get started, your child will be playing famous songs in no time.

  • Weekly 30min lessons
  • Years 2-6
  • Levels to climb
  • Fun Competitions
  • Group lessons with individual stations


Guitar Lessons

Guitar Lessons

Guitar Lessons
Rock out or strum smooth. Be the next legend!
Guitar Lessons


Guitar lessons held in our hi-tech, air-conditioned mobile music classroom that visits your school. 



  1. Warm up group song
  2. Drills and revision
  3. A new concept each week - riffs, chords and more


Our expert team have created a fun, modern and proven curriculum that will see children of any ability make progress each week. 

Our Curriculum

Learning riffs, solos and chords, students will play entire songs fast; while also moving through our 'Pick Level System'.



  • Guitar starter packs (includes book, folder & bag) $30
  • New themes for each term
  • Practice charts for continual improvement
  • Help to prepare for real life performances

Purchasing an Instrument

While all instruments are included on the bus, we recommend purchasing your own instrument for home practice. Contact us for more info.