Keyboard Lessons

A great way to get started in music. From classical to modern, the keyboard is as fun as ever.

  • Weekly 30min lessons
  • For all primary ages
  • Classic and modern songs to learn
  • Group lessons with individual stations
  • Learn to read music 
Keyboard Lessons

Keyboard Lessons

Keyboard Lessons
From pop to classical greats, music begins here
Keyboard Lessons


Keyboard lessons held in our hi-tech, air-conditioned mobile music classroom that visits your school. 



  1. Individual book work
  2. Multi-levelled group songs
  3. Mini-lessons for every level
  4. Fun games


Our expert team have created a fun, modern and proven curriculum that will see children of any ability make progress every week. 

Our Curriculum  

Learning songs, chords, techniques and reading skills - your child will be playing their favourites in no time.



  • Keyboard starter packs (includes book and bag) $30
  • New themes and chord progressions for each term
  • Practice charts for continual improvement
  • Help to prepare for real life performances

Purchasing an Instrument

While all instruments are included on the bus, we recommend purchasing your own instrument for home practice. Contact us for more info