Singing Lessons

Sing like a star! Build confidence and learn to perform in front of others.

  • Weekly 30min lessons
  • All primary ages
  • Sing your favourite songs
  • Small groups with solo programs 


Singing Lessons

Singing Lessons

Singing Lessons
Everyone has a voice. Learn to let it shine.
Singing Lessons


Singing lessons held in our hi-tech, air-conditioned mobile music classroom that visits your school.



  1. Warm ups and scales
  2. Mini-lesson on a specific concept
  3. Fun group songs 
  4. Solo work




Our expert team have created a fun, modern and proven curriculum that will see children of any ability make progress each week.

Our Curriculum  

Warm ups, scales and vocal exercises. Work on fun group songs and prepare for solo performances.



  • Singing starter packs (includes book and bag) $30
  • Singing songs the children are interested in
  • Practice charts for continual improvement
  • Help preparing for real life performances

Purchasing an Instrument

While instruments are included on the bus, we recommend purchasing your own instrument for home practice. Contact us for more info