Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Enrolment Conditions

  1. Payment in full must be made upon enrolling your child. The Music Bus will not hold spots for you if you are not able to make full payment upon enrolment. 
  2. Subsequent term invoice payments must be received in full by the due date and prior to lessons commencing. If payment is not made by the due date then your child’s position may be allocated to children on waiting lists.  
  3. If you wish to withdraw, you must notify us in writing by emailing us at [email protected] or by completing an online withdrawal form before the term commences. If you do not advise us that you are not returning and your child attends lessons you will be charged for those lessons.
  4. The initial term’s fees will also contain a fee for The Music Bus Starter Pack. This is essential for your child’s learning.
  5. After the initial term, subsequent terms will attract an $15.00 late fee which is fully deductible if fees are paid by the due date.
  6. Payments made by credit card are subject to a 1.2% processing fee. Payments made by EFT are not subject to a processing fee.
  7. Overdue accounts are subject to collection by legal means and will include collection costs incurred by The Music Bus as well as 2.5% interest charge per calendar month late. All overdue accounts will be referred to an external debt collection agency. 5. All payments must be made to The Music Bus Head Office. The Music Bus Teachers or your school office cannot accept any payments.

Refunds, Missed Lessons and Makeup Policy

  1. There are no refunds for missed lessons due to a child’s illness, family holidays etc. however students may make up missed lessons in other time slots provided there is space available. You must book a make-up class with your child’s teacher or The Music Bus office at least one week in advance. If there are no available spaces for a makeup in these instances then there will be no credit issued and the lesson will be forfeited. 
  2. Where lessons are missed due to school excursions/camps/school activities or through the fault of The Music Bus then a make-up class will be provided where possible. If a make up class is not possible then a credit (for the value of that cancelled lesson) will be placed on our account which reduces the following term fees. This will only be refunded if you do not enrol in the following term.
  3. There are no lessons provided on Public Holidays or during school holidays and you will not be charged for these days.
  4. There are no refunds for change of mind or change of circumstance (eg changing schools, clash with another activity) once the term has started.
  5. Any refunds that are processed are subject to a $10 refund processing fee.

Force Majeure Events 

If the provision of scheduled music lessons is affected by a Force Majeure event (as defined in these terms and conditions), The Music Bus shall use its best endeavours to make available alternative music tuition to students by way of The Music Bus’ online videoconferencing tuition service (“the Music Room”) . If for any reason the Music Room is unable to be provided by The Music Bus, then The Music Bus will in the alternative offer whenever reasonably practical, make-up lessons for affected students during that current school Term. If, for any reason, The Music Bus is unable, following a Force Majeure event, to provide either the Music Room or the make-up lessons, then The Music Bus shall at the end of an affected school Term upon written request by a parent directly and adversely affected by a Force Majeure event, provide a refund of 50% of the fees paid in advance for those lessons that were cancelled as a result of the Force Majeure event and then not offered to the student in the alternative by way of either the Music Room or make-up lessons. 

“Force Majeure event” means an event or circumstance beyond the control of, and without the fault or negligence of, The Music Bus which by the exercise of reasonable diligence it was unable to prevent including: riot, war, act of terrorism, contamination, earthquake, bushfire, flood, infectious disease, pandemic, nuclear radiation, strike, industrial action, school closures, petrol shortage, military directive or government overthrow

Cancellation of lessons

  1. If you wish to cancel your child’s music classes, please ensure that written cancellation advice arrives at The Music Bus office a full 2 weeks prior to the start of the next term to avoid incurring the next term’s fees.

Terms and Conditions

The Music Bus is committed to protecting your privacy. Visitors to our web-site are anonymous, but may log in using their family name and email address for the purpose of booking in a class or paying an invoice. Our web site does not provide access to any personal information. We do not collect any information from your computer without your input.
In the event that we ask for personal information, for follow-up, you provide this information solely at your discretion. If you fill out an on-line survey you may choose to remain completely anonymous.
The Music Bus will never share any personal information with any third parties. We will not rent, sell, disclose or distribute your information to any outside parties.

What can you do to ensure your child’s achieves their maximum potential from their classes:

  1. Ensure your child has access to an instrument for home practice. We can direct you to our preferred musical instruments supplier if you need to purchase an instrument.
  2. Encourage and monitor your child’s practice at home and complete practice chart requirements weekly.
  3. Make sure that your child arrives at the correct time for their lesson.
  4. Make sure your child brings their music book to class each week.
  5. Discuss any concerns with your child’s teacher.'

COVID-19 Health and Safety Policy 

Our teachers are being updated with the latest advice regarding best ways to provide the most hygienic environment for our students. We are regularly following the latest updates. We have implemented a more stringent cleaning policy which will see our buses and equipment disinfected regularly. This covers all surfaces and instruments.
Additionally, we are actively encouraging students to wash their hands before and after coming to classes and have placed signs to that effect in the buses to re-enforce that message. This aligns with the advice that the children are receiving in schools.
1. All teachers will encourage all children to wash their hands before they enter the bus for their lesson and remind them once they exit the bus. 

2. All buses will display an approved hand washing sign to serve as a reminder for all students to wash their hands before they enter the bus. 

3. The Music Bus will be disinfected at regular intervals, subject to the availability of cleaning products on the bus. 
Staff have been advised to seek medical advice and self-isolate if they are showing the symptoms of Covid-19 or have been in contact with someone who has, or is suspected of having, Covid-19. We have strict rules in place to make sure that members of our team aren’t coming to work if they feel even slightly unwell and we are making sure everybody remains fully informed on policy changes.

In participating and attending classes at The Music Bus you understand that:

  1. You take part in the music lessons/events/shows entirely at your own risk; and
  2. The organisers of the music lessons/events/shows do not accept any liability of whatsoever nature and however arising in respect of any claim, damages, loss, injury or expenses suffered directly or indirectly by any Participant/student arising out of or in connection with his/her participation in the music lessons/events/shows.

It is a requirement and the responsibility of each participant/student taking part in the music lessons/shows/events:

  1. To listen carefully and follow the teacher's instructions at all times
  2. To ask the teacher to clarify the direction given by the teacher if they do not understand
  3. To speak to the teacher if they are in any doubt or have any concerns
  4. To act in a manner that is safe and courteous to both the teacher and other students/participants

It is an integral part of each participant/student's music practice to:

  1. To arrive on time for class
  2. Bring their music book
  3. To respect their teacher
  4. To respect the property and equipment they use.

Security and Privacy Statement

Information collected Information collected by The Music Bus is personal information, as defined by the Privacy Act 1998. This data includes your first name, last name, your child’s name, your child’s school, email address, telephone number and postal address.

How your information is used

The Music Bus uses your personal information so you can identify yourself when making an online booking or registration, to contact you about a booking, and to keep you informed (if you request it) of matters that may be of interest to you. Your personal information is not used for commercial purposes and is not distributed to any other organisation for any purpose.

Accessing your information

To access stored information that relates to you, go to the Update Details page after providing your log in details. This page allows you to change your information.


The Music Bus site is protected by 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer technology. This is indicated by the padlock symbol on your browser and means that all data sent between your browser and the server is encrypted, including your log in, profile and credit card details.

Credit card transactions are processed immediately using a secure payment gateway to the banking system, so we do not store your credit card details and provide you with instant feedback on the status of a transaction.