Why Choose The Music Bus

The Music Bus brings music education and fun to your school

Why Choose The Music Bus

Think of The Music Bus as your one-stop music education experience. We provide the classroom, the teacher, the curriculum and the instruments in one complete package, at no cost and little admin to your school.Made up of weekly half hour lessons, The Music Bus is fun and engaging.

The Music Bus boasts a fleet of over 23 buses that visit more than 200 schools, teaching over 3,500 students throughout the East Coast each week.
Our programs

The Music Bus offers modern and rock-style courses in Keyboard, Drums, Guitar, Singing, Ukulele and Rock Band, using well-known songs to engage students at all ability levels. Classes are conducted in small groups.

Why The Music Bus?

  • We come to your school
    We come to you, five days a week, 8am-5pm, offering all students, regardless of background or experience, the opportunity to add to their daily learning without having to leave school grounds.
  • We’re affordable
    Our lessons are around half the price of private tuition and instruments are provided.
  • Learning is fun
    Fun, fuss-free solution to bringing music education and driving learning outcomes in Primary schools. The customised curriculum is set in a fun environment, focusing on music reading, playing, arranging and performing to help build skills and self-esteem. Kids will love learning with their friends in the small group lessons
  • Glowing reviews
    The award-winning Music Bus program has received positive feedback from multiple government departments – not to mention countless parents and Principals.